Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting ready for Bead Art Fair Hamburg

Only one week left to the Bead Art Fair in Hamburg! 
The past weeks (or months) I've been ordering, packing, organizing and planning for these three days. For me it's the first time at a big show like this and it both excites and terrifies me, but most of all I'm really looking forward to it! 
I've attended some local art fairs and I know a little how it works, but you can't compare that to a big show like Hamburg where beadlovers come from everywhere to drool over so many goodies.

Three whole days surrounded by beaders, beadartists, designers and all the materials you can imagine! And of course a lot of beautiful pieces you usually only see in pictures on the internet.

Three days to see, hear and breath beads, that is heaven for someone like me who doesn't have any beadshop, bead group or beading buddy close by. I only know the beaders I met online, so I'm thrilled to meet so many beaders in person next week.

I'll be showing a lot of the pieces I wrote tutorials for, so you can see them 'live' like 'Maxima', 'Anastasia', 'Royal Duchess', Lady Mary', and there will be several kits available to purchase. 
Then I'm bringing supplies as well, like the gorgeous Polaris cabochons I love to use in my designs, and also pearls, rivoli's and findings. All the materials I like to work with and that I use for my patterns.

So when you're coming, come find me at booth M7 and say hi, I'd love to meet all of you!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Dusting off and updating my blog

My goodness, how long I haven't been on here!
I realized that I did start a blog some time ago, but I didn't know it has been so long since I've been here. So I logged in and decided right away the layout needed some updating, and that's what I did; changed the colors and fonts, rearranged the sidebar and added a new header. Now it looks more like it!

I noticed the last entry was from July 2012, and I can tell you a lot has happened the past 2,5 years with my beading. I learned a lot in that period of time, spend many hours beading and improving my techniques.

In November 2012 I took a leap of faith and opened a shop at Etsy, to try and sell my finished pieces. In March 2013 I had my first sale at Etsy, I was so excited! I sold a necklace to a lady in the United States for the first time and I was so nervous if it all would go well. I packed it carefully, made sure the adress was right a dozen times and shipped it off. 

The first necklace I sold through Etsy
I waited in anticipation for the message that the package had arrived and I was so happy when I received it. It worked out!

In the meantime I got more and more into social media and I discovered that I could reach many beaders around the world through Facebook and Twitter. By posting photo's of my work on social media I got so much positive response it amazed me. Until then I lived in my own little beady world, not knowing anyone near me doing what I did. Wow, finally I met others who were just as crazy about beading as I was.

When I would post a photo of my work, I got many questions if there was a pattern or tutorial available of the piece and that got me thinking... I started to study tutorials in magazines and online to learn how they are made and I thought: "Hey, I can do that!"
I've been doing graphic design for some years, so I knew how to create diagrams. So I started with a nice design, not too hard draw, and I listed my first tutorial in June 2013. That was the tutorial for necklace 'To The Point'.

My first tutorial: necklace 'To The Point'
For me a new era had started from that point, since the pattern was received so well and I got more and more requests. People started to call me a designer and an artist, I never saw myself that way! For me beading is something I love to do most and it makes me happy to be able to share that with so many beaders around the world!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Design

This necklace with purple pearls and seedbeads is delicate and elegant. 

Purple and pink combined with pearls and facet beads